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Classroom Activities: Listening How to Discuss Possibility

| Kamis, 05 Juli 2012

Task 1
Discuss the following with your partners!
1. Have you ever seen somebody suffering drug addicts?
2. What will you do if your friend suffers drug addicts?

Task 2
Listen and choose the correct statements based on the recording!

Download the recording here | Listening Script here

a. They are talking about drug addicts.
b. They are talking about food.
c. They are talking about heart attack.
d. There are three people talking.
e. There are two people talking.
f.  There are four people talking

Task 3
Listen again and answer based on the conversation!

1.  Is there any possibility the drug addicts to stop using drugs?
2.  Is it possible that the drug addicts can’t stop without treatment?
3.  Who can help the drug addicts to stop using drugs?

Task 4
In group, discuss how to solve the problems in the following situation!
1. Possibility of giving up smoking.
2. Possibility of avoiding from suffered HIV.

Click here for the Lesson Plan

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