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How to Teach Vocabulary: Take the Odd One Out

| Sabtu, 26 Mei 2012
Do you need strategy to teach vocabulary to your students? Try Take the Odd One out strategy. This strategy is to ask student to choose certain vocabulary item that is different with the other words.

Steps to teach vocabulary using Take the Odd One Out Strategy.


1. Prepare a topic will be taught e.g. school life, hobbies

2. Make a list of vocabulary items related to the topic. If you choose a topic about school life, you may make a list of things or place found in school.

3. Make a list of vocabulary items different with the topic given. The words you choose must be different with the topic. If you choose a topic about school life, you may take vocabulary items from another topic e.g. things in house/ kitchen.

4. Make 5 multiple choice. Look at the example below:

Take the odd one out! Which one is different? Circle your answer!
1). a. book    b. cup    c. ruler
2). a. teacher    b. student    c. driver
3). a. classroom   b. kitchen    c. library
4). a. math    b. geography    c. history
5). a. whiteboard    b. motorcycle    c. desk

In the classroom

1. Give a short explanation to students that they must circle the odd word. The odd word means the word that is different with others.

2. Give 5 minutes to accomplish the task. Don't forget to make students work in pair or group to reduce stress.

3. Check the answer through the class.

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