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How To Teach Reading Narrative Text

| Jumat, 15 Juni 2012
This text is going to give you a short procedure how to teach reading narrative text to students.

Teaching English as a foreign language concern about how to improve 4 skills. One of the English language skills is reading. 

Reading skills is complicated enough if we don't understand how to set up the activity in the classroom. But, if we have known the philosophy of teaching reading, everything will run well.

In this article I'd like to share how to teach reading especially for narrative text. Now, look at how I set up my classroom activity.

1. Choose the aim from the syllabus or English language teaching outline e.g. by the end of the lesson students will be better able to get specific information about the text in the form of narrative.

2. Find some text as the media of teaching. You may find in my blog www.sekolahoke.com at English Text Label

3. Set up the procedure of teaching including pre-activities, main activities, and post activities. 

Pre activities: 
  • Give warming up related to the topic e.g. Whispering game
  • Give lead in questions related to the topic e.g. Do you know the story about Malin Kundang? Where is he from?
  • Revise vocabulary will be used in the text e.g. play vocabulary games, find the synonym. 
Main Activities:
  • Give students the narrative text. Ask them to fill in the gap or rearrange the jumble paragraph.
  • Give the some questions asking about the detail information about the story.
  • Give another text and ask them to find the characters of the story, where and when the story happen.
Post Activities:
  • Teach them grammar used in the text by underlining past tense.
  • Give them grammar exercise.
  • Conclude the lesson.
4. Check your preparation once again before you enter the classroom. If you think you need the other media e.g. viewer, OHP, check them before you use it.

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