Minggu, 15 Juli 2012

Technique How to Teach Listening

| Minggu, 15 Juli 2012
  • Before entering the classroom, you need to prepare the media e.g. recording, hand out, realia, or real things.
  • Write down the steps to teach from beginning till the end (lesson plan). It can help you to manage the classroom while teaching.

Whilst teaching
  • Do warming up such as game or quiz to pay students' attention. Warming up is useful to make students feel ease and ready to learn English.
  • Lead in the listening activities by studying new vocabulary will be used. It's necessary to help your students aware to the new words and reduce stress.
  • Give clear instruction. Tell what students should do in the listening activities. The instruction must be brief and clear. Example: "Listen to the recording and fill in the gap!" or "Listen and choose the correct things!" If you are not sure your students understand what you want, give an example or write down the instruction on the board.
  • Play the recording twice. Give time the students to think and do the task. Repeat the recording once more. If you don't have recording materials, you may use your voice. 
  • Check through the class.

  • You may extend the activity by combining with another skills. Give them time to practice speaking or writing. It will make the materials they have learnt achieved well. For example, you have given them spoken text about Bill Gates, you may give them task to make a short paragraph about famous world inventor.
  • Close the learning process by giving feed back. Ask your students what they like or dislike from the current lesson. 
  • You may give them game or quiz at the end.

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