Senin, 16 Juli 2012

Learning English More Fun with Mingling Activity

| Senin, 16 Juli 2012
Do you feel very difficult to encourage your students to speak up in your English class? Try mingling activity to solve that problem

Mingling activity will make your class more active. They will try to speak up without hesitation. Beside that, applying mingling activity will reduce learners' stress in doing task because they are free to practice English.

How to do mingling activity? Here is the procedure:

1. Choose a topic e.g. Self Identity.

2. Ask students to make a list of questions e.g. May I have your name?, Where do you come from?, Your phone number, please?

3. Ask students to interview 10 partners and take a note.

4. Ask students to report the interview by filling the table:

Phone Number

5. Check the students' participation during the process. You may take a look to their worksheet when they are making interview.

Teacher's role in mingling is just to control and monitor the students' act. It's better not to involve very much to correct students mistakes during the learning process. More correction you do, students will feel strained. The correction can be held after the activity has been completed.

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