Narrative Text About Roro Jonggrang

Long time ago, there lived King Baka who led Baka Kingdom. He had a beautiful princess named Roro Jonggrang.

One day, King Baka and his army attacked Pengging kingdom. He killed the citizen. Thousands people were died.

It made The King of Pengging, Damar Moyo got angry. Then he sent his son, Prince Bandung Bondowoso to fight King Baka.

Bandung Bondowoso succeeded to kill King Baka. He and his soldiers chased the rest of enemies to Baka kingdom.

In the palace, Prince Bandung Bondowoso met Roro Jonggrang. Her beauty amazed him. He fell in love in the first sight. He told the lovely princess that he wanted to marry her.

Realizing that Bandung Bondowoso had killed her father, Roro Jonggrang refused. But, she didn't have power to fight againts Bandung Bondowoso.

Roro Jonggrang proposed a requirement. She requested if Bandung Bondowoso could build a thousand temples in one night before dawn, she would be his wife.

Prince Bandung Bondowoso granted the request. He began to build the temples. He was helped by many genies to do it. In the midnite, the a thousand temples were nearly finished.

Seeing that, Roro Jonggrang was panic. Then she got an idea. She woke all ladies in the city up. She asked them to hit and ring bell.

Hearing the noise, cocks woke up. They thought morning had come, so they burst their voice out. The voice from the cocks made all genies being frightened. They ran away leaving Bandung Bondowoso alone. The temples hadn't completed yet.

Prince Bandung Bondowoso got angry very much. He came to Roro Jonggrang and cursed her. Soon after his words, Roro Jonggrang became a statue.

Written by Fadli Eha
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