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How To Compose Narrative Text Easily

| Senin, 25 Juli 2011
Making narrative text is not difficult. You can use your imagination to build your story. To begin writing narrative you can start using fairytale you often hear.

After having the complete story, now it's time to compose draft. To compose your draft, answer the following questions.
1. Who are the main characters of the story?
2. When did the story happen?
3. Where did the story happen?
4. What was the problem faced by the main character?
5. How did the main character solve the problem?
6. How did the story end?

Now your draft is ready. What should you do next? Making paragraph.

The following is an example of composing narrative text:
1. The main characters are Bandung Bondowoso and Roro Jonggrang.
2. The story happened a long time ago.
3. The story happened in Centre of Java.
4. Roro Jonggrang didn't want to marry Bandung Bondowoso because he had killed her father.
5. Roro Jonggrang asked Bandung Bondowoso to build thousands temple.
6. Bandung Bondowoso failed to build thousands temple. He cursed Roro Jongrang.

Written by Fadli Eha

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