Senin, 07 Februari 2011

Mini Drama: Blind

| Senin, 07 Februari 2011
The following is an example of spoof in the form of drama.

Iqbal comes to Ilafi's house. 

Iqbal:    Hi bro!

Ilafi: Hi, what's up?

Iqbal: no problemo! Come with me?

Ilafi: Where?

Iqbal: eating. Come on!

Ilafi: Okay!

Fida and Tri see two guys on the way.

Fida: Tri, look at the two guys! So handsome!

Tri: yea, cool! Do you like them?

Fida: yea, haha… what if we're getting closer?

Tri: Yea, come on!

Fida: hello, how do you do?

Iqbal: Sorry, you see? I'm drinking. Don't disturb me!

Tri: How stubborn you are!

The Iqbal's phone is ringing

Iqbal: Hello, … ohh, … ok ok ok…. I'll be there. Bye! Sorry bro, I've got to go. Do you mind?

Ilafi: no problemo.

Fida: a chance …. Hehehehe….

Tri: Hi, can I have your name? where do you live? When were you born? What's your hobby? Why did your friend leave you alone? How is the taste of your drink? Expensive? Any soda? Can I have some? ….

Ilafi: stop stop stop. You speak a lot! No comas. I'm gonna answer your questions but you should help me first.

Tri and Fida: anything for you.

Ilafi: Can you take me across this way?

Tri: Haaaah! What did you say? Repeat that please!

Ilafi: Can you take me across this way?

Ilafi opens up his glasses to show his blindness while Fida and Tri agape. 

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