Rabu, 09 Februari 2011

Latihan dan Pembahasan Soal Ujian Nasional SMP: Contoh Soal Berbentuk Surat (Letters)

| Rabu, 09 Februari 2011
Soal berbentuk surat (letters) merupakan jenis soal yang sering muncul di Ujian Nasional. Berikut ini kita akan berlatih dan membahas soal berbentuk surat (letters).

Bacalah teks berikut dengan seksama!
Dear Aunt Tia, 

Aunty, I have some good news for you. Last month I passed my final examination. A week ago I succeeded to join a senior high school competition. Last night my parents promised me to send me to a famous English course in my town. They also promised me if my scores in English are good they'll send me to a foreign university. Great, isn't it? I'll work hard. I want to be a good pediatrician like you, Aunty.

Well, that's all for now. Looking forward to having your news.


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