Kamis, 10 Februari 2011

Anecdote: Our Headmaster Is The Oldest

| Kamis, 10 Februari 2011
Have you ever talked about someone and then the man appeared in front of you?

This morning I taught in Grade VIIF. Students asked me how to distinguish someone older or younger than another one. 

After thinking a while I wrote on the whiteboard names of several teachers in the school including their age: Pak Syihab 56, Pak Puji 48, Pak Aziz 42, Pak Fadli 30, Pak Dedy 24, and Pak Erik 20. 

I told them, "Pak Erik is the youngest. Pak Erik will probably say that Pak Dedi is old because he is older than Pak Erik. But Pak Dedy will say Pak Fadli is old because he measures by he himself."

"The conclusion is it depends on the speaker. If he is younger than someone he will say somebody is old because of his point of view."

Then I asked my students, "Do you know Pak Syihab? Who is he?"

One of my students answered, "He is our headmaster, sir!"

"Yes, that's right," I replied. "Pak Syihab will say Pak Puji is young because Pak Syihab is older than Pak Puji. Pak Erik, Pak Dedy, Pak Fadli, Pak Aziz will say Pak Syihab is old because they are much younger than him. We can conclude that Pak Syihab is ..." I didn't continue my utterances because someone was standing on the doorway and looking around the class.

My students laughed, so did I. I didn't think that the man I told was there.

Pak Syihab seemed confused when Everybody was laughing at him. He checked everything in his clothes. He might think that there was something wrong with his appearance.

Students didn't stop laughing. I came closer to Pak Syihab and whispered what had happened. The headmaster smiled and said, "Continue studying please...!

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