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Classroom Activities: How to Attract Someone's Attention

| Jumat, 07 Januari 2011
Material: How to attract someone's attention

Useful Expression:
May I have your attention?
Excuse me.
Good morning. (Greetings)
Harry. (names)
Look! (and other imperatives)

Time: 2 x 40 minutes

Task One
Write down 5 media and technology you usually use!

1. Handphone
2. Internet
3. Computer
4. Television
5. MP3

Task Two
Listen and write down the words you hear!

The answer:
1. lost
2. describe
3. dropped
4. fill
5. inform
6. do
7. find
8. found
9. see

Task Three
Listen to the conversation and fill in the gap!
mobile - welcome - clearly - certain - around
right - for

A lady : "Excuse me, officer. I lost my _______ phone."
Policeman : "Can you describe it _______ ?"
A lady : "It’s a black Nokia. And. Mm... I think I dropped it _______ this block about 10 minutes ago."
Policeman : "_______ , Ma’am. You can fill in this form and we’ll inform you if we find it."
A Lady : "Alright."
Adi : "Sir."
Policeman : "Yes. What can I do _______ you?"
Adi : "I’ve found this _______ phone, Sir."
Policeman : "Well. Let’s see. Is this your _______ phone, Ma’am?"
A lady : "Yes, I’m very _______ that this is mine. Thanks, kid."
Adi : "You’re _______ "

Task Four
Choose the correct answer!

1. How many person are talking in the conversation?
    a. 2        b. 3        c. 4

2. Where does the conversation take place?
    a. in the post office
    b. in the police station
    c. in the railway station

3. Who lost the mobile phone?
    a. Adi        b. a man    c. a woman

4. Who had found the mobile phone
    a. Adi         b. Officer    c. Lady

Task Five
Can you find two expression of attracting someone's attention in the conversation?

The answer:
Excuse me!

Task Six
Practice the following conversation with your friends! Go around the classroom and ask them! Don't forget to make a note!

A: Excuse me, can you lend me your mobile phone?
B: Yes, of course/ I'm sorry, I can't 

Subtitute with the following expression!
May I have your attention?
Excuse me.
Greetings (good morning, good afternoon, good evening)

Names of your friend (Harry, Linda, Susan)

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