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Classroom Activities: How to Express Asking and Giving Service

| Kamis, 30 Desember 2010
Task One
Observe the following picture and match with the suitable expression!

Could you clean up the blackboard, please?
Could you tidy up the table, please?
Would you please clean up your bedroom?
Would you tidy up your clothes?
Would you clean up the classroom, please?

Task Two
Put the following expression into the correct table!
Would you stand up?
Would you open the window, please?
No problem.
Could you get me a cup of tea?
Here you are.
I'm afraid I can't
Could you help me water the flowers, please!
I'm sorry. I don't have time.
With pleasure.

Task Three
Rearrange into the correct dialogue!
Would you come here, dear?
Would you help me move this pot, please?
What's up, mom?

Task Four
Listen and fill the blank!
George: Good morning, Jenny.
Jenny: ...................................
George: How are you today?
Jenny: I am fine thanks.
George: By the way ..........................
Jenny: Of course. What can I do for you?
George: Would you lend me your English book?
Jenny: ........ Here you are.
George: Thank you, Jenny.
Jenny: ..........................
Sure. wait a minute - You're welcome - Good Morning - Could you help me?

Task Five
Observe the model dialogue and practice with your partner!
open - book
Student 1: Would you open the book, please?
Student 2: Sure.
1.  hold - box
2. open - window
3. close - door
4. clean - blackboard
5. take out - the garbage
6. write - a letter
7. draw - a picture
8. sing - a song
9. call - your parents
10. turn on - radio

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