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Contoh Pidato Bahasa Inggris tentang Pro Kontra LGBT

| Senin, 04 November 2019
LGBT (Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender) sedang menjadi topik hangat di Indonesia. Perlukah dilegalkan atau tidak sama sekali.

LGBT menjadi pro dan kontra. Ada pihak yang menganggap perlu dilegalkan demi persamaan hak manusia. Ada menolak dengan anggapan itu melawan kodrat manusia.

Dalam postingan kali ini menyajikan postingan tentang pidato Bahasa Inggris tentang pro dan kontra LGBT di Indonesia.

Contoh pidato ini bisa digunakan untuk SMA yang mencari bahan pidato untuk materi Discussion Text.

Contoh pidato Berbahasa Inggris tentang LGBT

Good morning ladies and gentlemen.

In this occasion, I would like to give little speech about pros and cons about LGBT in Indonesia.

Ladies and gentlemen.

What is the proof that LGBT abnormalities are genetic? From the time of the Kingdom, colonialism, until the early 20th century, there has never been written in historical records / references, "A king is sexually attracted to his warlords".

It was only in the 20th century that communication and information media developed very rapidly without adequate selectivity. As a result, sexual disorders that are considered by traditional society to be taboo and inappropriate should be spread, can now be disseminated in detail by information and communication media and accessed by millions of people in various parts of the world. Thus, an idea began to emerge to imitate such deviant behavior due to misperception; deviant behavior is considered a trend that must be followed. Example: In the United States a large number of homosexual mass marriages are exposed by the mass media.

So why people agrees with LGBT? Here are some opinion:

The First is Justice for marriage

Refusing a person's right to marry someone he loves will cause discrimination. If it continues for a long time, a new social gap will arise.

The second is Heredity

Having children is not the sole purpose of marriage. If indeed this is the only goal, then couples who are barren or don't want to have children should also not be allowed to get married. On the other hand, by not having children biologically, gay couples can adopt disadvantaged children. This will also reduce the amount of population density in Indonesia.

The third is Children's Intelligence

A study conducted by the University of Melbourne in 2014 showed that children raised by gay couples had about 6% higher performance than children raised by heterosexual couples. Even in America, a journalist named Ezra Klein said that "We should appeal to gay couples to adopt children."

The fourth is Psychological Health

By banning same-sex marriage, the rate of psychological illnesses has also increased. According to research by researchers from UCLA, San Francisco State University, and the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, gay couples who are not allowed to get married will tend to experience higher stress than other couples.

The fifth is Religion

Religious institutions may refuse to marry a gay couple if they wish, but they do not have the right to dictate the law of marriage in society in general. Because in essence, the state of Indonesia is not a state of religion but an independent state. Therefore, the highest sovereignty is in the hands of the people.

But some people refuse LGBT growing in Indonesia. Here are some opinion:

The first is Democracy

Free, free, as long as human beings are not freed to do something that goes far beyond the limits of humanity; something that violates his nature as a human being, like LGBT.

The second is Poor environment for child development.

A child needs a mother who is "close" emotionally, understands and knows what they need, including good advice. A child, especially a girl, needs a father to guide and protect him from early sexual activity and early pregnancy. Same-sex couples may not be able to perfectly replace the role of father and mother because the same sex tends to have the same instincts (both as fathers or mothers).

The third is The level of loyalty of the GLBT pair is very low

The GLBT is always looking for ways to maintain sexual pleasure. They will suffer if their sexual desires are not satisfied. Therefore many of them have more than one partner in the same period.

The fourth is The level of lasting GLBT pair is very low

Because of sexual dissatisfaction, they experience depression and choose to bestow it through violence on their partners. The level of violence is 44 times greater in lesbians and 300 times greater in gays.

The fifth is Causing various diseases

Gay sexually transmitted human papillovirus (HPV) which can cause anal cancer. Gay sexual relations orally and multiple partners can cause oral cancer and transmit the HIV virus which often develops into AIDS. According to Cancer Support Community research, lesbian women have lower resistance to viruses, microorganisms, inflammation, and cancer cells compared to normal women. Thus, lesbian women who have had sexual intercourse are more easily infected and can experience inflammation of the lining of the brain (meningitis) to breast cancer.

That’s all my speech about pros and cons of LGBT in Indonesia. Thanks for your attention.

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