Kamis, 31 Maret 2016

My Travel Dreams!

| Kamis, 31 Maret 2016
Hi, i'm Ghufron, i would like to share you some of my travel dreams, check this out ! 

The first is Australia

I think Australia is really interesting for me, especially for the animals. I would like to see the kangaroos, koalas, other australian endemic animals in their real habitat. Australian zoos are included in my place-to-visit list in Australia. There is also undoubtfully famous landmark in Australia, that is Opera House! I think the building will become great and fascinating background if i take some selfies near it. 

The second is Maldives

Maldives has many fascinating and really relaxing beaches with beautiful sky and deep-blue color of sea. It will be so much fun and fully relaxing activity to lay down your body on the sand and let the sun kisses you all the way, or we call it sunbathing or maybe we can see the beautiful and dramatic sunset in one of its beaches! I think all you need to do in there is just to calm down yourself from daily hectic days and enjoy the unforgettable experience of beautiful beaches. It sounds really fun, right?

The last is New Zealand

Although New Zealand is quite near from Australia, but I think it has its own attractions for many tourists around the world including me. I really love the place which is green everywhere with grass which covered the land, beautiful flowers grow vigorously, and where you can find some sheeps near the place, i think one of the answer is meadow in New Zealand! I find it really calming and relaxing travelling to this country, even i just saw from some picture and dont forget about the beautiful mountains inside! what could be more relaxing than seeing all-grass covered land? It's in New Zealand :)))

By : Ghufroni Amali , one of Oxford's student

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