Sabtu, 19 Desember 2015

Descriptive Text Cewek Cantik Kimberly Ryder

| Sabtu, 19 Desember 2015
Ini adalah postingan descriptive text tentang cewek cantik. Cewek cantik yang kami pilih adalah Kimberly Ryder. Simak teks diskripsinya berikut ini.

Descriptive text
Kimberly Ryder

Her full name is Kimberly Alvionnella Ryder. She is called Kim. This beautiful girl was born in Jakarta on August 6, 1993.

Kim has average body. It is pretty slim. She is 1.77 m tall and weigh 58 kg. She is white, has oval face, dark hair, and pointed nose. She looks very gorgeous and attractive.

Kim works as an actress. She appears in several movies like Get Married 2, Perahu Kertas and some film televisions like My Best Friend's Wedding.

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