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Cerita Masa Kecil Dalam Bahasa Inggris

| Minggu, 06 Desember 2015
Banyak cerita menarik saat saya masih kecil. Tentu kalau diceritakan secara mendetil tidak akan selesai dalam waktu semalam. Untuk itu saya hanya ceritakan yang unik dan menarik saja.

Waktu saya masih duduk di sekolah menengah pertama, saya mengalami kejadian yang mengenaskan. Saya mendapat musibah kecelakaan. Saya akan menceritakan kejadiannya dalam Bahasa Inggris berikut ini.

Got Accident

It was Tuesday morning. I saw that it was still 10 a.m. I went home early because there was teachers' meeting at school.

I used to go to school and back home by public transportation. But that time my close friend asked my to join him riding a bike.

I was worried because the bike had only one seat. I had to stand behind him. My feet stepped on footholds. I had to grabbed my friend's shoulders to avoid falling.

The bike ran slowly. We talked happily. Until we reached market near my house, we nearly hit a pedicab. My friend didn't slow down the bike speed. I wonder why.

"Sorry bro, the brake was broken. So I can't slow down the bike," he said. That was shocking. I was really scared.

Several minutes after we were safe from problem, there came another problem. In front of us there was a cart. The cart ran very slow. But our bike was very fast because the road was little bit like a downhill.

My friend shouted. 2 meters before we hit the cart, he pulled to the right side. The bike moved very quickly across the street.

I saw there was a tree in front of us. I believed that we would hit the tree. So I decided to jump from the bike. I fell to the ground facing down.

I got injury. My knee was wound. That was very painful.

My friend was lucky. He was safe because he used his shoes to stop the bike.

Then I promised I wouldn't get a ride on his bike anymore.

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