Cara Membuat Jus Jeruk dalam Bentuk Dialog Bahasa Inggris

Contoh dialog Bahasa Inggris tentang cara membuat jus jeruk. Dialog ini merupakan pengembangan dari artikel procedure text how to make orange juice. Bisa baca disini.

Donna: What would you like to drink, Anne?
Anne: Thanks for offering. What kind of drink can you make?
Donna: Juice. I can make orange juice, avocado juice, banana, and the others.
Anne: O really? Can you teach me how to make orange juice?
Donna: With pleasure. Come with me to the kitchen.
Anne: OK.
Donna: It's easy to make orange juice. We just need two oranges for two glasses.
Anne: I see.
Donna: Peel the oranges. Put them into the blender. Add some ice cubes.
Anne: Let me do it.
Donna: Yes, good. After that switch on the blender. Wait until the oranges and ice cubes dissolved.
Anne: OK. I can do it.
Donna: Stop. Switch off the blender. Put 2 spoonful of sugar into the blender. Then switch on again.
Anne: Yes. How long should I blend it?
Donna: Around 15 seconds.
Anne: Finish.
Donna: Pour into the glasses.
Anne: Our orange juice is ready.
Donna: Yes. Let's drink.

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