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English Conversation Declining Invitation

| Selasa, 28 Mei 2013
English conversation example
Declining Invitation

Daniel is going to have birthday party. He invites all his classmates.

Daniel: Hi, Jeff. Would you like to come to my birthday party?

Jeff: When?

Daniel: This week. On Saturday afternoon.

Jeff: Okay. I'd love to.

Daniel: What about you Kim? Can you come?

Kim: I'd love to. But, I have to work on weekend.

Daniel: That's okay. What about you Mark?

Mark: I'm so sorry I can't. I have to visit my grandma this week.

Daniel: Lisa? Can you come?

Lisa: I'd love to. But, I have to go to hospital to see my dad. He got accident yesterday.

Daniel: Marco? Would you like to come?

Marco: I'm so sorry, Daniel. I have promised my friends to play basketball this weekend.

Jeff: Our friends are busy this week. You should delay the party till next week.

Daniell: Yea, I think so.

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