Minggu, 10 Februari 2013

Fable Story Lion and Rabbit

| Minggu, 10 Februari 2013
The lion and rabbit

A big lion and a little rabbit lived in a jungle. The lion was the king of the jungle. He was very proud of it. He mocked the rabbit as a weak animal and useless.

Feeling insulted, the rabbit found a trick to revenge. He wouldn't use a strenght to fight againts the lion, but he had a smart brain to beat the lion.

"My lord, I have something to tell you?" said the rabbit one day.

"Yes, what?" the lion asked.

"You think you are the strongest here. Nobody will beat you. But there is an animal saying he is the strongest and will defeat you," the rabbit said.

"Who is he? Tell me and I'll find him," said the lion angrily.

Then they went out to find the animal told by the rabbit. The rabbit led the lion to a deep well in the jungle they lived.

"Look inside, my lord. Your enemy was staying there," The rabbit pointed to the the water in the well.

The lion took a look into the well. He saw his own shadow. But, he thought it was his enemy. Then he jumped and drowned.

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