Descriptive Text:Dewi Persik, Artis Penyanyi Dangdut Indonesia

Descriptive Text tentang artis penyanyi dangdut Indonesia yang penuh kontroversi, Dewi Persik
Descriptive Text Penyanyi Dewi Persik
Her full name is Dewi Mulya Agung. She has a famous name, Dewi Perssik or De Pe. She was born on 18 December 1985 in Jember, East Java.

De Pe is a famous Indonesian Dangdut singer. She is well known as a singer with  "Goyang Patah-Patah". She has a unique and beautiful voice.

Beside singing, De Pe also works as an actress. There are some films she has played. All the films seems to show her sexy body.

Penulis: Fadli Eha

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