Soal Ujian Semester Ganjil SMP Kelas 7 Materi Greeting Card

Soal ujian semester ganjil untuk SMP Kelas 7 khusus materi greeting card.

Pilihlah jawaban yang benar A, B, C, atau D, dalam kotak yang disediakan dan cek jawaban kamu dibagian bawah soal.

Foto Papuma Beach Jember, Greeting Card

1. When did the writer send the card?
A. When a friend celebrates a special event
B. When someone is going to have a holiday
C. When you don't want to go to school
D. When a relative is sick

2. Why does the writer send the card?
A. to wish the writer's friend a happy holiday
B. to show the date of the holiday
C. to wish the writer's to get better
D. to make the reader's proud

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