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Descriptive Text Pop Singer: Mariah Carey

| Kamis, 13 Desember 2012
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Descriptive Text Pop Singer: Mariah Carey

Her full name is Mariah Carey. She was born in New York, USA on March 27, 1970. She is the last child of 3 siblings.

Mariah is a singer and a song writer. She is also a music producer and actress. She has a good voice. Her voice can reach 7 octaves. It's so high and powerful.

Mariah is good looking. She has blonde hair and white skin. Her lips are thin. She is not really tall. Her height is only 163 cm.

Mariah likes wearing a tiny and sexy dress. She always appears with mini dress when singing her song. But, it doesn't matter. Her voice is sexier than her clothes.

Mariah has some popular songs. They are hero, when you believe, and butterfly. Listen to one of her song, you will get something different in your feeling. It's cool and warm.

Listen and watch video Mariah Carey - Hero here

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