Jumat, 30 November 2012

Report Text Animals About Panda

| Jumat, 30 November 2012
Report text is a text that has social function to describe something in general. Here is an example of Report text about animals. The animals we are going to report is Pandas.

Kungfu Panda, China, Report Text


Pandas are cute animals. They live in central China. They have black and white skin. Although they are intelligent, they are also very shy. People knows what a panda looks like, but very few of them have ever seen one in real life. This is because they are very rare. There are only around 1,000 pandas left that live in the forests of central part of China. Another 120 pandas live in zoos in China. About 20 more live in zoos in other countries.

Text from Go For It 1
Edited by Fadli Eha

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