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Movie Review The Woman In Black

| Selasa, 27 November 2012
Daniel Radcliffe Movie Review The Woman in Black

Movie Review: The Woman In Black
Genre: Horor

The main actor is Daniel Radcliffe as Mr. Arthur Kipps. He works to a law firm managing rented and sold houses. He has a son named Joseph. His wife died when she gave birth.

Arthur comes to a village to take care of a house that has been sold to his firm. The house is in the middle of the sea where it keeps secret of death. The owner, Mrs. Drablow died a few years ago. Now, the house becomes his firm right.

When Arthur arrives in the village, terrors come very often. A woman in black influences so many children to suicide. They die in a miserable condition. Some of them jump from the upstair, walk into the deep water, drink detergent, and burn their self.

Finally, Arthur sees the woman in black when he tries to save a child to suicide. From the letter that he finds in the house, he reads how pity was the woman who lost her child. Her child drowned in the sea near her house. 

Then, Arthur concludes that the spirit of the woman doesn't rest in peace.  She will disturb all children and ask them to suicide. Arthur comes to the sea to find the dead body of Mrs. Drablow's child. He brings him to the house to make Drablow's spirit peaceful.

After the dead body is found, Mrs. Diablow stops to threaten. But unfortunately, she comes with Arthur to the town and looks for new victims. And the first victim is Arthur's son.

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