Descriptive Text Ariel Noah Peterpan

Descriptive text tentang Ariel Noah Ex Peterpan

Descriptive Text Ariel Noah Peterpan
His full name is Nazril Ilham. He has a very popular name, Ariel. He was born in Langkat, North Sumatra on September 16, 1981.

Ariel is the third child in his family. He has ever got married to a woman named Sarah Amalia. They have a daughter named Alleia Anata.

Ariel has short hair, a pointed nose, black eyes, and white skin. He is not really tall. His height is only 165 cm. His body is average. He looks smart and calm.

Ariel is a pop singer and song writer. He writes many lyrics and sings with his old group band, Peterpan and the new one is Noah. With his band, Ariel releases some popular songs like Mimpi yang Sempurna, Bintang di Surga, dan Topeng.

Written by Fadli Eha ~

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