Recount Text Visiting My Grandfather

Recount Text
Visiting My Grandfather

It was nice Saturday. I got holiday because it was Idul Fitri day. We as a Moslem celebrated and apologized to our parents, brothers, sisters, neighbours and friends.

In the afternoon we planned to visit our grandfather in the village. He stayed alone there. Our grandmother had passed away a few years ago.

We left Jember at 6 p.m. to Bondowoso. My father drove the car carefully because the street was very crowded. There were a lot of vehicles.

An hour later we arrived in Bondowoso. It took 15 minutes to reach my grandfather's house from Bondowoso.

My grandfather was waiting when our car came into his house yard. When we got out from the car, he was smiling and hugging us one by one.

We stayed for a week there. It was very nice place. We felt very peaceful and happy to live there.

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