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Download Soal Listening Ujian Nasional SMA Bagian 7

| Sabtu, 25 Februari 2012
Soal berikut ini merupakan soal listening Ujian Nasional SMA Tahun 2009/2010. Kamu bisa mengunduh rekaman beserta skrip percakapannya secara gratis.


Listening 1
A    : Do you use the internet very often?
B    : Yes, I do. I use it for communication
A    : How do you communicate with it?
B    : I send and receive emails and I speak with my friends using voice mail. 

Questions: What are they talking about?

a.    How to use email
b.    Internet usage
c.    Receiving email
d.    Voice mail
e.    Communication 

Listening 2
A    : Mom, may I use your car?
B    : You haven’t got a driver’s license, have you?
A    : No, but my friends haven’t got their driver’s licenses either and their parents don’t mind.
B    : I’m sorry, you can’t, dear.

Questions: Why is the boy not allowed to use the car?

a.    He doesn’t have a driver’s license yet.
b.    His friend will drive him.
c.    He is seventeen year old.
d.    His mother will use it.
e.    He drives carelessly. 

Listening 3
A    : why don’t you take the bus to work? Driving in rush hour traffic is terrible.
B    : I would, but I’m afraid that there were won’t any seats left on the time the bus gets to my stop. 

Question: why does the man not want to go by bus?

a.    The man takes the bus to work.
b.    The man wants the woman to go with him.
c.    The woman prefers driving in the rush hour.
d.    The woman wants to ride to work with man.
e.    The man has to stand on the bus if he takes it to work.

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