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Contoh Soal Pengumuman Bahasa Inggris Pengembalian Buku Perpustakaan

| Kamis, 09 Februari 2012
Berikut ini contoh soal announcement dalam Ujian Nasional SMA tahun pelajaran 2010/2011.

To All Third Grade Students

All library books have to be returned on the twenty-second of May, 2009. They should be covered with non-colorful wrapping plastic. Lost books must be replaced with the ones of similar subjects. Fine will be charged to the late return of the books. Students who have handed on all books will get receipts that have to be submitted to the administration officers.


1. What is informed on the announcement?
A. A request to return library books.
B. The subjects of the library books.
C. A compulsory to replace lost books.
D. The library administration officers.
E. Submission of receipts.

2. What will happen if the book you borrowed is lost?
A. You will get receipts.
B. It should be covered by non-colorful plastic.
C. The librarian will be fined by a certain amount of money.
D. You should cover with wrapping plastic.
E. It should be replaced with a similar book.

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