Kamis, 19 April 2012

How To Teach Adjective Using Various Media

| Kamis, 19 April 2012
Using media in English Language Teaching (ELT) are useful to help students learning English through context. They will make the lesson very clear and caught easily by learners.

There are various media can be used by teachers to teach part of speech especially adjective. the examples of media are pictures, films, and things around students.

Using pictures

Teaching using pictures is very common. Most teachers use pictures as media. How to do it? Prepare some pictures of people. Ask students to tell what does the man look like. Example: "What does the man look like? Do you think he is handsome? Is the girl cute?" and so on.

Using films

Prepare a video clip. To make your teaching process is fun, play an interesting film like Mr. Bean. Play and pause in some parts. Ask students to describe people based on the movie. Give them example: The man is ridiculous. He's funny. He's confused.

Using things around students

If you don't want to prepare media that take your time a lot, you may use things around the class. In the class there are whiteboard, chair, duster, table, bag, etc. Use them to teach adjective. Ask students some questions: What is it? Is it big? What colour is it? and so on. After you give questions, tell them to prepare something they bring, and ask them to tell the class about it.

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