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Descriptive Text: My Beloved Hometown Bondowoso

| Sabtu, 28 Januari 2012
(Gerbong Maut Monument/Doc.

Bondowoso is a place where I was born. It's a small town in East Java. If we ride a car from Surabaya, we need 6 hours to reach Bondowoso.

Bondowoso is a symbol of struggle between Indonesia and Holland. In the center of town, there is a monument called "Gerbong Maut Monument". This monument was built to remind our heroes who struggle Holland invasion long time ago.

Bondowoso has a famous traditional food called Tape. Tape is sweet cake made of slightly fermented rice or tubers. It's very sweet and delicious. The price is very cheap.

There are some beautiful panoramas in Bondowoso. These places are good for you to relax. There is Ijen Crater where you can watch a beautiful mountain with full smoke and hot water. There is also Tasnan, a swimming pool with a forest. If you want to enjoy beautiful scene with fresh air, you may visit Arak Arak. This place is a mountain with a long street and very quiet.

Bondowoso is very quiet. People often calls Bondowoso as resign city. You won't find any crowded like a big city. There is no smoke from fabric chimneys. There is no jamming in the street although it is a working time.

This descriptive text is written by Fadli Eha

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