Dialogue: Students are not Allowed to Bring Mobile Phone to School

Jennie and David are classmate. They are discussing about new rule in their school that students are not allowed to bring mobile phone.

Jennie: I wonder why we are not allowed to bring mobile phone to school?

David: Our teachers think that it has a lot of bad effect to students.

Jennie: Why do you think so?

David: Our friends often misuse it. They use mobile phone to talk during lessons, play game when studying. Sometimes the phone rings when teacher explains something. It's annoyed.

Jennie: Yea, I think so. But, Don't they think about emergency call or students who needs picked up after school time like me. Now, I have to ride a bus. It wastes my time.

David: The bad impact is more than the good one. You know, some our friends save porn movies and watch during school hour. They also send and transfer each other.

Jennie: It's crazy.

David: That's why I agree with the new policy.

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