Procedure Text How To Create Facebook Account

Berikut ini adalah contoh procedure text cara membuat akun facebook (how to create facebook account).

How to Create Facebook Account 

First, you need to have an email account. Create a free email account from yahoo or gmail. 

Second, open web browser e.g. mozilla firefox.

Third, type facebook address: then enter.

Fourth, fill the registration form: first name, last name, email address, password for your facebook account (it's better to be different with your email password), gender, and birth date.

Fifth, click sign up.

Sixth, log into your email account to verify your registration.

Seventh, log into again.

Eight, enter your email address and your facebook account. 

Ninth, click log in.

Finally, your facebook account has been set up. You can share, connect with your friend, and chat up via facebook.

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