Selasa, 29 November 2011

Percakapan Berisi Pengumuman Dalam Bahasa Inggris

| Selasa, 29 November 2011
Simak percakapan yang berisi pengumuman dalam Bahasa Inggris berikut ini.

John: Hi, guys!

Dona: What's up, John?

John: I've got something to tell you.

Anna: What is it, John? Is it something important?

John: Yea, It's a hot news. You know David Beckham will come to Indonesia.

Dona and Anna: Whaaaaaaaaat!

Anna: Are you kidding?

John: No, it's serious. Beckham will come and play with his club LA Galaxy against Indonesian Team.

Dona: Wow, that's really fantastic! I love Beckham. He's a good and handsome player.

John: Don't worry Donna, you will see him soon.

Anna: When will Beckham come?

John: He and his teammate will come at the end of November.

Anna: I can't stand to see him playing football here.

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