Sabtu, 05 November 2011

Dialog Mengungkapkan Kemampuan (Expressing Capability)

| Sabtu, 05 November 2011
Berikut ini contoh dialog singkat berisi ungkapan kemampuan (expressing capability).

Helen : Can we have a talk?

Diana : Yes. What's up?

Helen : I'm gonna tell you that you're chosen to be our representative to join Indonesia-Australia Students Exchange.
Diana : Really. Who said that?

Helen : Our English teacher, Mr. Robert.

Diana : Thanks for telling. Do you think I'm capable enough?

Helen : I think so. Your English is good. And, you always win the best student in our school. I thought you are capable to be our representative.

Diana : Thank you. I hope I can do my best.

Helen : So do I. Don't forget to bring me a special gift from there.

Diana : Don't worry.

Kalimat yang bergaris bawah dalam dialog singkat di atas adalah contoh ungkapan menanyakan dan mengungkapkan kemampuan (expressing capability).

Contoh ungkapan menayakan kemampuan (asking capability).
  • Do you think you're able to do it?
  • Do you think you can win the contest?

Contoh ungkapan menyatakan kemampuan (expressing capability).
  • I think I can do it.
  • I thought I'm able to do it.
  • I think I'm capable enough.

Contoh ungkapan menyatakan ketidakmampuan (expressing incapability).
  • I don't think I can't do it.
  • Sorry, I can't do it.
  • I'm incapable of doing it.

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