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Contoh Soal Recount Text Ujian Nasional SMP

| Senin, 14 November 2011
Berikut ini adalah contoh soal recount text Ujian Nasional (UN) SMP. Bacalah secara seksama kemudian pilihlah jawaban yang sesuai di dalam kotak yang disediakan. Gunakan Google Translate disini jika memerlukan penerjemahan.
Last week, Mr. Damiri’s wife had an accident. Her youngest child, Yusuf, was at home when it happened. He was playing with his new toy car. Suddenly Yusuf heard his mother calling, “Help! Help! He ran to the kitchen. His mother had burnt herself with some hot cooking oil. She was crying with pain and the pan was on fire. Mr. Damiri had gone to his office. The other children had gone to school.
Yusuf was too small to help his mother, and she was too frightened to speak sensibly to him. But he ran to the neighbour’s house and asked his neighbor to come and help his mother. The neighbor soon put out the fire and took Yusuf’s mother to the clinic.
When Mr. Dardiri came home, his wife told him what had happened. He was very proud of his son, “When you are a man, you will be just like your father,” he said.

1. Who took Mrs. Damiri to the clinic?
A. her son
B. her neighbour
C. her husband 
D. her children

2. The main idea of the second paragraph is …
A. Mrs. Damiri had an accident.            
B. Mr. Damiri was proud of his son.
C. Yusuf asked his the neighbor for help.    
D. Mr. Damiri and his other children had gone.

3. How did the neighbor help Mrs. Damiri?
A. He called Mrs. Damiri’s husband and ran to the kitchen.
B. He called the fireman and put out the fire.
C. He put out the fire and took Mrs. Damiri to the clinic.
D. He called the fireman and advised Mrs. Damiri to stay calm.

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