Fungsi Modal Can, Could, May, Might Beserta Contoh Kalimat

Dalam  bahasa Inggris dikenal beberapa modal (kata bantu) seperti can, could, may, might, should, shall, will, have to, had better, must, ought to. Modal tersebut mempunyai fungsi yang berbeda-beda.

Berikut ini akan disampaikan fungsi modal can, could, may, dan might. Setiap fungsi disertai contoh kalimat.

Expressing possibility
Modal can, could, may, dan might berfungsi  untuk mengungkapkan kemungkinan.

  • He may come after June
  • Mr. Yudhoyono might not join the next president election.
  • She can come if her husband permits.
  • You could be angry after listening to this message.

Expressing ability
Modal can, could dan berfungsi untuk  mengungkapkan kemampuan melakukan sesuatu.

  • I can swim
  • I couldn’t speak English, but now I can.

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