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Classroom Activities: Listening How to Express Satisfaction/Dissatisfaction

| Minggu, 01 Juli 2012

Task 1
Answer these questions!
1. Where do you usually spend vacation?
2. How did you feel about your last vacation? Satisfied or dissatisfied?
3. How do you express your satisfaction?
4. How do you express your dissatisfaction?

Task 2
Which expressions are describing satisfaction or dissatisfaction? Give mark (s) for satisfaction and mark (d) for dissatisfaction!
Formal Situation Informal Situation

I'm satisfied with …..
I'm discontented with …..
I'm displeased with …..
I'm content with …..
I'm dissatisfied with …..
I'm very pleased with ….
I'm very delighted with….
I'm disappointed with….

Very sad!

Task 3
Where did the people spend vacation? Listen to the conversation and circle the correct answer!

Conversation 1 | Download the recording here

Conversation 2 | Download the recording here

1. a. in Jakarta   b. in Bali   c. in Jogjakarta   d. in Maluku
2. a. in Jakarta   b. in Bali   c. in Jogjakarta   d. in Maluku

Task 4
Listen again! How did the people feel about the vacation?
1. a. satisfied  b. dissatisfied.
2. a. satisfied  b. dissatisfied

Task 5
Listen again! What make the people feel satisfied or dissatisfied with the vacation?
1. a. the beach was dirty  b. the beach was crowded  c. the beach was clean
2. a. the beaches are quiet  b. the beaches are dirty  c. the beaches are great

Task 6
Tell about your last vacation!
1. When did you spend the vacation?
2. Where did you spend the vacation?
3. How long did you spend the vacation?
4. How did you feel about the vacation?
5. What made you satisfied/dissatisfied with the vacation?

Click here for the lesson plan

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