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Lesson Plan How To Teach Functional Text Invitation Letters

| Rabu, 20 Juni 2012
The following is the steps how to teach short functional text of invitation letters. The steps are arranged using three phase technique.

Lesson Plan

Aims: by the end of the lesson, students will be better able to identify detil information from the short functional text in the form of invitation letters.


Pre activities
1. Ask students to make a list of party they have ever been invited.
2. Teach students vocabulary items will be used in the lesson.

Main activities
1. Divide students into some pairs.
2. Give students A  a complete text and students B a text with gap filling. Click here for the text sample. 
3. Ask student A to read the invitation letters and students B to fill the gap.
4. Turn the role, now give students B a complete text, students B a text with gap filling.
5. Ask students B to read the text and students A to listen and fill the gap.
6. In pair, students checklist the correct information from the text.

Post Activities
1. Ask students to compose a invitation letter as the model text given.
2. Students exchange the work sheet to make peer correction. Ask students to mark the misspelling from the text their friends have made.

Click here for the reading materials invitation letters

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