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Strategies How To Teach English Using Song

| Kamis, 24 Mei 2012
One of the way to make teaching and learning more fun is using song. Song can create a good atmosphere and relax situation. By building the positive environment, believed that learners are easy to catch the lesson.

How to teach English through song? Some strategies are given in the following:

1. Gap filling

Gap filling is useful to build up vocabulary achievement. Beside that, gap filling is able to help learners improving listening skills. Gap filling can be made by omitting some words or phrase in lyrics of the song. Teacher may take out the verbs, noun, or preposition in the lyrics of the song.

2. Arranging jumble sentence

Jumble the lyrics. Ask students to listen to the song carefully. While listening, they have to rearrange the song into a correct order.

3. Correcting mistakes

Make incorrect lyrics. Ask learners to listen and correct mistakes based on the song.

4. Check list

Learners are given some list of words. Play the song and ask them to check list the words they hear.

5. Rearrange sentences

Make 4 or 5 sentences with incorrect order. Ask students to listen and rearrange the sentences into the correct one.

6. Grammar point.

Decide some part of the song that will be taken as an example of grammar. The grammar can be taught by asking students to choose correct verbs or decide plural or singular form of the words.

Those are some strategies to teach English through song. Those strategies can be modified by the teacher based on the level of the learners.

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