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What is Recount Text?

| Senin, 21 Mei 2012
This posting will give you a short explanation about recount text. The example of recount text can be found by the end of the explanation.

What is recount Text?

Recount Text is a text that has social function to retell experience in sequence. In recount text, the writer may share his/her own experience or someone else.

Recount text has 3 parts called generic structure. The generic structure of recount text is orientation, event and reorientation.Orientation is used to tell the subject, setting and time. Event is used to tell something happened. Reorientation is used to close the story.

What kind of text including in recount text? 

Recount text is easily recognized because the text is telling past event. The text including in recount text i.e. biography, journal, traveling report, diary.

What tenses are mostly used in recount text?

Recount text is used to tell past event so past tense is mostly used. The other tenses are conditional. Conditional means if the writer puts some direct speech or conversation inside, he/she may used the other tenses.

Here is the example of recount text. The recount text is about traveling report.

Hiking in Mount Bromo

Several years ago, I went to Mount Bromo. It was the end of 2001. There were 14 university students joining the traveling.

We left Jember on Saturday around 6 a.m. It took 4 hours by bus to Probolinggo where mount Bromo laid.

From Probolinggo bus station we rode bus to Mount Bromo. That was fantastic scenery around us. The road was up and down.

Around 1 p.m. we arrived at Bromo campsite. That was very cold. We were little bit worried to take a bath. Then we set up our tent. We sang together until dawn.

The next sunday we began to walk to Mount Bromo. There was large wide sand in front of us. It seemed like the ocean. Yea, that was sand ocean.

The next 30 minutes we arrived in mount Bromo. We had to climbed up a stair-case. That was long and high stair-case. There were around 200 steps to the top of the mount.

Steps by steps to the top and finally we reached it. That was amazing. The smoke came out from the crater. We watched around and couldn't stand to exclaim "Terrific!"

That was great moment in Mount Bromo. 

Written by Fadli Eha ~

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