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Technique How to Teach Grammar Present Perfect Tense

| Jumat, 25 Mei 2012
There are two ways to teach grammar i.e. top down and bottom up. This article will described and explain steps by steps technique how to teach grammar Present Perfect Tense using top down model. Here are the steps:

1. Give students model text containing Present Perfect Tense.
I feel happy because I have accomplished my school assignment. Now, I can relax watching TV.

2. Underline the sentence showing Present Perfect Tense.

3. Draw a table on the board and put the sentence on it. Look at the following:

     I             have             accomplished     my school assignment 

4. Ask students to put the following words into the correct table. Give them time and check the answer together.
  • she
  • has
  • he
  • eaten
  • 2 apples
  • you
  • they
  • drunk
  • some water
  • homework
  • we
  • duty
  • driven
  • my car
5. Tell the students which one is the subject, auxiliary, verb, and object.

6. Ask students to make a sentence by combining subject, auxiliary verb, verb, and object. Check the answer together.

7. Tell students kind of tenses, the formula and the function of Present Perfect Tense.

Why do we call it top down model? Because it learns grammar from the model text first and elaborate into a small part.

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