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Report Text | Kite or Layang-layang

| Sabtu, 23 Juli 2011
Layang-layang or a kite is a very popular past time toy in Indonesia. Many people like to play it. There are two distinct types of kites. The first are those which have tails attached to them to balance the kite; and those that will be used for one-on-one dogfights among kite flyers.

Kites for dogfights are popular among boys. They do not have tails attached to them. They are made from light bamboo and waxed paper. The string is the most important part in kites for dogfighting. It must be sharp so it can cut other strings easily. To make such kind of string is not easy. It must be coated with crushed glass. The string is dipped in a solution of crushed glass, which has been boiled with glue, chemicals and dye. The mixture acts as an adherent so the tiny particles of glass will cling to the string. The string is strung out on a small rack to let it dry. This string is used for dogfights.

tails (ekor)
dogfights (aduan)
strings (benang)
dye (bahan celup)

This text is taken from UN SMP 2011
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