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| Rabu, 03 Agustus 2011
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When I was still Elementary school student, I was joining boyscout. I joined it because it used to have an outdoor activities. For me as a child, it's very fun.

One day around August, there was boyscout camping. 12 students were prepared to participate. The camping would be held 3 days, started on Friday and finished on Sunday.

The day had come. We left our school in the morning by truck. Everybody looked happy. We were all singing loudly on the way to campsite.

One hour later, we arrived there. It was crowded and full of students wearing boyscot uniform.

Everybody looked busy setting up tents, except our team. We just sat and didn't know what to do until our teacher came with angry face. Then, he helped us setting up the tent.

At night, we sang near campfire. There were a lot of game we participated. It's fun and exciting.

The second day we explored the forest around the campsite. There were several challenge over there. Semaphore, helping accident and quiz were the example of the activities.

3 days we spent at the campsite. We were trained to stay without parents. it's drilled to stay alive in every bad condition.

But, there was something contrast with the aim of boyscout. We still had meal delivery from our parents. We also went shopping easily to the shops and stalls around the campsite.

Written by Fadli Eha
illustration from Photobucket.com

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