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How to Teach Writing Genre Using Picture Aid

| Selasa, 24 Juli 2012
Teaching writing should have various technique. It's not only useful to reduce learners' stress in learning process, but also to kick boredom out.

After choosing appropriate technique, teachers need media to teach in the classroom. One of media usually used by teacher is pictures.

How to teach writing using picture aid? Would you please, follow the following steps:


1. Select the aims of the learning e.g. by the end of the lessons students will be better able to compose writing in the genre of descriptive.

2. Prepare a model text and a picture. It's better to choose a famous person as the example e.g. Barrack Obama, Agnes Monica.

Classroom Activities:

1. Show students the picture of the famous person.

2. Ask students to identify the physical appearance and the other characteristic of him/her. Let them tell their opinion in spoken or written language. Help them if they don't know how to say in English.

3. Give students hand out. Ask them to answer some questions about the person.

4. Give students another picture of famous person. It's better to prepare some magazine or newspaper. Let them find their own picture in the magazine or newspaper.

5. Give an example how to make composition draft.

Agnes Monica Pictures, Images and Photos
Agnes Monica/

Her name is ....
She is .... years old.
She is .... (job)
She has .... face, .... nose, .... hair.
She likes .... (hobbies)

6. Ask students to fill the gap with the information about the famous person they have.

7. Give another picture. Ask students to compose descriptive text based on the picture.

8. Give them portfolio task. Ask them to stick a picture of one of their own family members on a piece of paper. Let them write a composition at home.

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