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NarrativeText: A Farmer, His Wife and A Bird Story

| Sabtu, 14 Mei 2011
A farmer came across a bird with a broken wing. He picked it u, took it home and looked after it lovingly, even though his wife complained bitterly about his wasting too much time on the creature.

After some time, the wing mended and, because the bird did not want the farmer to have kept on arguing with his wife all the time, it decided to go back to its nest.

When the farmer discovered that the bird was gone, he was so upset that he went out to look for it. Eventually, he found it again, and was greeted happily by the whole family of the bird. As a sign of their thanks for his care and attention, the birds gave him a little box, and told him not to open it until he got home.

To his surprise, the farmer found the box full of precious stones. When his wife saw them, she decided that she too deserved a reward, and she went to see the birds. The birds gave her a little casket, but this one was full of devils. The devils jumped on her soon as she opened the casket and chased her away.

Left alone, the farmer went to live near his friend, bird. There he built a hut of perfumed wood; and the birds decorated it with flowers of every kind.

Taken from: UN 2010

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