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Descriptive Text: Rhoma Irama

| Rabu, 04 Mei 2011
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Rhoma Irama was born on 11 December 1946 in Tasik Malaya, West Java. His birth name was Raden Irama. When he decided to be a singer, he changed his name into Oma Irama. He took the name Rhoma Irama, which is an abreviation of "Raden Haji Oma Irama", after he made a pilgrimage to Mecca. Everybody knows him as the king of dangdut.

Rhoma is short, 160 cm tall. His body is fat and full of muscle. He has round face with dense beard and whiskers, flat nose, thick lips and wavy hair. 

Rhoma Irama works as a singer, songwriter, producer, and actor. There are a lot of songs he has sung and created. Begadang, Judi, and Darah Muda are some examples of his famous songs. Rhoma Irama also played in several Indonesian movie like, Tabir Biru, Jaka Swara, and Nada dan Dakwah.

Writer: Fadli Eha
Reference: Wikipedia.org

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