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Ujian Nasional SMA: Pembahasan Soal Discussion Text

| Minggu, 10 April 2011
Teks-teks panjang selalu mewarnai soal Ujian Nasional SMA. Seperti teks Discussion berikut ini. Teks ini berisi tentang pro dan kontra Gubernur Sutiyoso mendapatkan penghargaan Manajemen Udara Bebas Polusi. Mari kita simak!

Sutiyoso Got Award

Sutiyoso Pictures, Images and PhotosSutiyoso  will be given an Asian Air Quality Management Award Friday at an International Conference in Yogyakarta, but some people have questions whether he really deserved the honor. The critics say Sutiyoso has done little to reduce air pollution in the capital.

I think Sutiyoso deserved the award. Although we haven't seen solid air quality management, he has restored the National Monument (Monas) Park to a green cool area where families can go to jog or have a picnic.He also initiated the busway project, which I believe is a good step toward reducing air pollution in Jakarta.

However, the government has to take further action, such as limiting the number of motorcycles in Jakarta. All of the motorcycles on the roads contribute to air pollution in the city.

On the other hand, some people can't understand how Sutiyoso can win this award because he hasn't made any improvement in Jakarta's air management.

Jakarta is becoming more polluted as the authorities cut down more and more trees for transportation projects. And they don't bother to plant new trees to replace the old ones, let alone develop new green areas.The authorities should build more parks in the city to make Jakarta greener and less polluted. Monas park is greener now, but the fences prevent people from getting in. In countries like Singapore and Australia, public parks are pleasant places to hang out. 

1. Why did people say that Sutiyoso deserved the award?
A. Monas park is green now.
B. Jakarta is becoming more polluted.
C. He has improved Jakarta's air management.
D. He limited the number of motorcycles in the city.
E. He restored the Monas park and initiated the busway project.

2. What has Sutiyoso done to reduce air pollution in Jakarta?
A. Initiating the bus project.
B. Holding an international conference.
C. Limiting the number of motorcycles.
D. Building fences around the Monas park.
E. Cutting down more and more trees.

3. What is the purpose of the text?
A. To explain why Sutiyoso got an Asian Air Quality Management Award.
B. To present point of views about the award given to Sutiyoso.
C. To tell readers how to provide solid air quality management.
D. To describe an Asian Air Quality Management Award.
E. To assure readers that Sutiyoso deserved the award.

4. It is not easy to get in the Monas park because ...
A. more and more trees were cut down.
B. It is use for having a picnic.
C. It is use for jogging  track.
D. There is a cool area.
E. There are fences.

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