Minggu, 20 Februari 2011

Recount Text: In Malawi

| Minggu, 20 Februari 2011
Recount Text is a text retelling one's experience in sequence.  Here is an example of recount text.

Rahman is a manager at an international company in Jakarta. He went to work for his company in its Malawi office in Southeast Africa. 

In Malawi the local language is called 'Chichewa'. This was a language that Rahmanhad never heard of before he arrived in the country. Fortunately, as a former British colony most people in Malawi can speak English.  Rahman later said, 'I found Malawi to be a very poor country. Much poorer than Indonesia. But the people were very friendly. And, luckily for me at least 95% of the population spoke excelent English. In fact English is the country's official language. All school lessons are taught in English and it is also the language of the government. 

After his stay in Africa, Rahman spent some time in England at his company's Head Office. Then he went to the company's office in India for a brief stay. 'You know, my English lessons proved to be very useful,' he said. 'Because wherever I travel in the world I feel confident. I know that I will never have any problems communicating with people. English is spoken everywhere!'  

(Source: Real English 1 by Peter James)

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