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Procedure Text: How to make a cup of tea

| Selasa, 22 Februari 2011
The following is some steps to make a cup of tea. There are two ways to make a cup of tea, traditional and modern one.

Traditional way

First, fill the kettle with the water.
Second, boil the water.
Then, fill the tea-pot with the hot water.
Next, put some tea into a pot.
Leave the pot for a few minutes.
Pour the tea into a cup.
After that, put some sugar into the cup.
Finally, stir the tea with a tea spoon.

Modern way

First, take a cup or a glass
Second, pour some hot water from dispenser.
Third, take a tea bag and dip it into the hot water inside the cup or glass. Wait until the water become rose-color.
Fourth, add some sugar. If you like it sweet, add two or three spoonful of sugar.
Finally, stir it well and serve. Serve it in the afternoon with some bread.

The social function of procedure text is to tell how to do something. Procedure usually consists of:
  • goal
  • materials needed
  • steps

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