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Contoh Hortatory Exposition Text | Should Governments Censor Materials on the World Wide Web?

| Senin, 25 Juli 2011
Ini dia contoh teks Hortatory Exposition yang mungkin kamu cari. Teks ini dikutip dari buku Interlanguage karangan Joko Prijana dkk. 

Should governments censor materials on the World Wide Web? 

General Statement:
The internet is the fastest growing and largest tool for mass communication and information distribution in the world. There has been increasing concern about damaging internet content from violence and sexual content, which can gives negative influence on the culture identity. The government should censor materials on the internet based on the following reasons. 

Arguement 1:
Firstly, child pornography in the media is never tolerated. They are apparent victims of harmful and offensive content in the internet. The internet should be no exception to these basic standards. Truly offensive material such as pornography and extreme racial hatred are no different, simply because they are published on the World Wide Web as opposed to a book or video. 

Arguement 2:
Secondly, people recognise that moving pictures and sound are more graphic and powerful then text and photographs or illustrations to influence people’s minds. There is also normally more regulation of videos from the internet then cinema films. It is because the viewer of a video is a captive audience with the power to rewind, view again and distribute more widely. 


Lastly, censoring harmful materials in the internet is an international problem. If a global solution is required then it can be achieved by international co-operation. Children are particularly vulnerable to the offensive and harmful content in the internet. The government should soon regulate a rule to protect the nations from negative influence from the internet.

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